Officially established in March 2018, we are a volunteer group passionate about bringing both Japan and Niue together through Cultural Exchanges and  friendships.


Our Mission

To contribute to the development of friendship centered around the multicultural synergy of
mutual understanding and promoting goodwill. By conducting the following business related to
the development of cultural exchange between Japan and Niue.
1. Promoting the mutual understanding and friendship relations between Japan and Niue.
2. Promoting the cooperation between Japan and Niue through statistics research.
3. Promoting the cooperation between Japan and Niue with other like-minded organisations
with international friendship exchanges.

Board Members

Harry Enomoto (Japan) - Director

Jayson Vemoa (Niue) - Director (Representative)

S.Ohta (Japan) - Secretary General

Frank Sioneholo (Niue) - Niue Island Representative

Your input determines your outlook.
Your outlook determines your output.
Your output determines your future
— Zig Ziglar - Philanthropist, Motivational Philosopher